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Hi, I'm Ruben and I will show you how you can speak English fluently, clearly, and confidently.

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No one better than those who have already participated in the challenge to tell you about their experience…

HIB excels in many ways: first, the trust it builds so you can talk; second, achieving fluency through reading exercises and; third, expressing my ideas better and how to pronounce each word better. I have achieved better fluency and now I have passed the interviews in English without any problem. I can make myself understood by expressing my ideas better and with better grammar. And finally, I improved my reading through exercises in class and outside of it. I have even learned things that I have never been taught before.
Javier Hernández, México
HR manager expert
The coach knows a lot about grammar and therefore he explains each topic logically, which I personally like a lot because I am a very logical person, I like to understand the why of things. Something extremely important is that the teacher is a Spanish-native speaker and therefore understands the difficulties that non-English-native people have when learning and especially when speaking English, something that I have not experienced with other teachers, especially with "native teachers".
Lizette Morales, Ecuador
Previously, I used to get stuck a lot in my spoken English. Since I took classes with Ruben, I learned to speak better than before. Now I can confidently talk to people from all over the world. Taking classes at HIB is amazing because you can meet people, experience cultures and learn English at the same time. Remember, speaking English well opens many job opportunities. If you really want to learn English, I can assure you that this is a good place to learn it.
Frank Jalina, Nicaragua

How is this challenge designed?

It is specially designed for busy people, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, with this pre-recorded material.

5 pre-recorded videos

that appear every day of the week

Bonus: 1 LIVE Webinar

on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. CST-6
(not recorded)

For 5 days, 1 video is posted every day to watch and do the assigned task. If you watch all the videos and send all the assigned tasks by the end of the challenge, you will get the bonus which is a LIVE Q&A session with me to answer all your questions and share my tips on how I learned to speak English well.

What are you going to learn in these 5 days?

Day 1

The Sounds of English

Learn to properly produce English sounds

Day 2

English Intonation

Understand and use English intonation effectively

Day 3

English Rhythm

Develop a natural English rhythm in your speech

Day 4

English Fluency

Improve the speed and fluidity of your speech

Day 5

Getting All Together

Integrate all the skills to speak confidently and clearly

The next Challenge starts on Monday May 29th, 2023

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Who is this Challenge for?

The English language is not only to get a job, it is also perfect to boost and take control of your professional career.












Who I am

Hello. I'm Ruben and I help Spanish-speaking professionals increase their job opportunities by learning to speak English fluently, clearly and with confidence.


The first video will be published on Monday, May 29, 2023 and one video will be released per day.

It’s a mix, the videos released per day are pre-recorded. However, the webinar with which we end the course on Saturday is live.
No, they are accessed through the course platform for a while and are viewed online.
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